Distance Learning Initiative by The Office of The Vice President Of The Philippines
Published on
October 9, 2020


In partnership with the ‘Office of the Vice-president of the Philippines’

Growing the sport of Football in the Philippines has been our company’s main goal since its inception. We were able to do that by making football more accessible to Filipino youth by contributing to the ‘Distance Learning Initiative’ of the Office of the Vice-President of the Philippines amidst this pandemic. This gives access to physical education for Filipino kids who do not have internet access or access to traditional schooling.

We provided an instructional video to teach the basic moves of the sport to participants of all skill level. It is through this that we are able to give back to the Filipino people through our sport especially during this hard time.

We believe that football has the power to change someone’s life. It is our hope that these kids will be able to benefit from their engagement into football just as much as we did.

GRIT Sports PH is committed to continue our advocacy through any project that will allow us to reach more Filipino kids and teach them the wonderful world of Football.

Thank you to PAREF Southridge School for allowing us to use the turf for this project.


 Energized by Milo Philippines

We were able to partner with Milo Philippines to create a virtual football camp to keep our young  kids active during the lockdown.

Last August 2020 we launched our first camp where we taught the participants basic football movements which allowed them to work on their fundamentals, perfect for this lockdown.

We realized that this is the ideal time to go back to the basics for anyone at any level. With the absence of structured team training, football athletes everywhere had the opportunity to work on their deficiencies.

We look to continue having these camps until the end of 2020. Each camp lasts for 1 month with about 8 sessions. Participants who successfully finish 1 camp get a certificate of participation from both GRIT Sports PH and Milo Philippines.  Looking ahead, we are planning to collaborate with Milo on other projects.

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