360 GRIT Mentorship Program
A comprehensive approach to football training for holistic development.
Personalized Mentorship training
An athlete-centered program built by Athletes for the Athletes.

Guided by GRIT mentors, this is a comprehensive program that will develop our athletes holistically on-and-off the field. The goal of the 360 GRIT Mentorship Program is to provide value-oriented training that will cover not only their game performance with technical and strength & conditioning training, but also address their mental and nutritional needs. This program is intended to complement and not replace team training.

Entry rate: PHP 6,500.00 for 10 virtual sessions
Pillars of 360 GRIT
Schedule your free consultation through the registration form. We will evaluate the athlete's current skill level to determine benchmark. The 360 GRIT Mentorship Program includes:
Nutritional education on football energy needs and meal-plan construction by our licensed nutritionist.
Strength & Conditioning
Sports-specific fitness exercises designed to minimize injury risk and improve performance.
Technical Training
Individualized technical program designed to work on an athlete's technical deficiencies.
GRIT Training
To guide, instill values and equip athletes with a gritty mindset.
any question about this camp
Frequently asked questions that you may want to know.  GRIT Sports PH is here to help you.
Can we choose our schedule for the training?

The athlete can choose their schedule if they are enrolled in the 360 GRIT Mentorship Program but not in the Milo Camp.

What age can I enroll my child in the 360 GRIT Mentorship Program?

We recommend them to start at the age of 12-17 years old for them to fully appreciate the program. However, we can schedule an evaluation if your child is below 12 so we can better understand their starting point.

Can I have 2 or more kids that will sign-up for the 360 GRIT mentorship program? Will they be counted as 2 sign-ups?

Our programs are priced per person however we could offer a discount if you have at least 2 kids enrolled in GRIT Sports PH.

How is the 360 GRIT Mentorship Program different from a school/club training program?

We focus on the unique needs of our athletes. Our aim is to complement their school/academy programs and tackle specific goals our athletes have set for themselves through personalized training.

What health and safety protocols do you implement for the 360 GRIT mentorship program?

Coaches are mandated to wear their masks and keep their social distancing at all times during our face-to-face sessions.

What are our payment programs?

Currently, we accept bank transfers to our BDO account as well as Paypal.

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